So you’ve got your theme in mind, a Safari party for your little party animal. You know you want it to be everything your child has dreamed and more, so now you’re after all the BEST ideas to put it together right? Well, you’re in the right place!

Take a look at how we threw this little party animal an amazing Safari Party 7th Birthday! Read on as we go through all the fun details!

Partyora safari party backdrop

The Backdrop

When choosing a backdrop, either for behind the cake table or as a photography backdrop, there are many different Eco friendly and DIY ideas to try!
You could use the foliage or faux foliage from your backyard or garden, a streamer wall, a paper jungle leaves wall or a simple tablecloth or sheet covering a wall or window with bunting as we’ve done here!
You can grab your own felt bunting here :

What I love about these handmade felt buntings is that you can reuse them year after year, You can get more info on backdrop ideas in our Fb group here:
The tablecloths were plain white ones from Kmart and a white sheet would work well too! I added some paper honeycomb balls to the top and just used thumb tacs to put everything in place.


There’s nothing like a sweet DIY picnic setup for kids’ birthday parties! Handmade paper palms inside glass mason jars were used as easy table centrepeices for this party and the effect was simply stunning!
We styled it with a white tablecloth, reusable partyware to minimise waste and some matching cushions for kids to sit at by You can find and book some wonderful Party Kit Hire companies in your local area here:

The Cake

Sometimes the most straightforward cake decoration works a treat! If you’re making your own cake or ordering a plain cake to decorate yourself, why not try some of these DIY cake toppers next time:

*Dried florals or petals
*Sprinkles – the options here are endless!
*Chocolates or lollies
*Reuse any small decor items or figurines to match a theme or colour palette (as seen in this pic!)
*Reusable cake toppers made from natural materials such as macrame toppers or felt ball toppers or wooden toppers like the ones we have here:
*Beeswax candles – safe, non-toxic and reusable
Cake by

Don’t forget the candles! These look perfect on top of the birthday cake and are toxic-free!
Adorn your cake without the nasty chemicals, and best of all they’re made in Australia by Blake and Mason from natural beeswax!
Check them out on our site with FREE shipping here:

Safari or Jungle themes animal tails make a fun addition to any safari party, let your little party animals run WILD as they pretend play with these fun tails by Schooza, available here:

The Entertainment

Dressing up the birthday boy or girl is great fun for all ages and can make for some fun entertainment in itself. For a Safari party like this one, you could let them be wild animals with Safari tails, masks or crowns. They make the perfect accessory for book week dress-ups and First Birthday Cake smash too. Once you’re finished, keep them in the dress-up box for hours of imaginative play!
We opted to hire Rainbow Childrens Entertainment and had the amazing Jungle Jess provide a magic show and the most wonderful face paint. In my opinion, an entertainer will make your event unforgettable and the kids talking about it for years to come!

The Party games

When it comes to party games, pass the parcel is my go-to! It’s lots of fun, all ages can participate. Now you can make it even simpler and reduce the waste with reusable pass-the-parcel sets that is ready in minutes! Simply start with the smallest bag, fill it with a prize and pop it in the next bag with another prize until it’s filled!🎉🌈
‍Whilst it’s sometimes hard to find plastic-free options, if you’re prepared with a list of items, it can stop you from impulse buying shiny plastic objects that will break easily and end up in landfill with these swaps!

Here are some of my favourite eco prizes:

*Colouring in books
*Natural crayons
*Small wooden puzzles
*Peg dolls
*Crochet keyrings
*Handmade Playdough
*Wooden playdough stamps
*Seed packets
*Ribbon wands
To name a few! View the Partyora Pass the parcel sets here:

The activities

A fun activity to compliment your Jungle or Safari party are to paint your own party plasters!

These little plasters come as favour packs and are perfectly packaged in eco friendly wrap and each plaster comes with a wooden paintbrush, 2 paint pots and a paper bag!

Handmade in the Hunter Valley with incredible detail and fast delivery, it’s easy to see why these Pm Plaster Craft activity packs and party favours are one of our Partyora customer favourites! View them here:

Prefilled party bags partyora
Partyora safari stickers

The Party Favours

We often get asked, “what are some lolly free party bag ideas?” And it’s no surprise that party favours are our most popular eco party product!

It’s no secret that kids love a good party bag and when they are reusable, it’s a win-win!
Everything in the Conscious Party co Jungle party bags are sustainable right and handmade in Aus. You can shop for them here:

For more party bag ideas visit here:

A special thank you to Captured By Amanda Photography for her wonderful photography! It is always a pleasure working alongside you.

Juliana Multari partyora

Written by Juliana Multari

Sydney based Mumboss on a mission to spread eco-friendly cheer!

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