Looking for some fabulous eco friendly party favours for your child’s next party? It is super easy to make some sustainable swaps for the better- why not start with your kids party bags? Look at how simple it is to hand out plastic-free party favours your little guests will love! Best of all, they’re handmade in Australia! Support local and find the perfect favour for your next event!

Party bags – Let’s get REAL

Kids LOVE surprises, treats, prizes, presents, lucky dips – they’re FUN!

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Party favours create joy, bringing big smiles to little faces but what goes in them is often overlooked. Parents are busy and tend to go for the quickest and easiest solution. Usually, this means readily available, cheaply made, plastic favours bought in bulk and imported from overseas or sugar-loaded plastic-wrapped sweets… YIKES!

As a parent, my main issue with this scenario is trying to limit the amount of sugar consumed by my child. I also know that any cheaply made plastic toys WILL BREAK in seconds and most likely end up as landfill.

For the many parties and plastic-filled party bags, that’s a lot of plastic waste. Waste that will potentially litter our oceans, and endanger wildlife, not to mention it won’t ever fully break down. For me, this makes the cost of a moment’s joy too high.

Making one, simple swap to an eco-friendly alternative does have an impact. As well as avoiding unnecessary waste, it teaches future generations to value materials, reversing our devastating throwaway culture.

Let’s make sure your children’s party favours are eco-friendly, low-waste and plastic-free – I’ll show you how.

GREAT NEWS: There are sustainable alternatives out there!

Finding a sustainable alternative as a party favour is:

  • totally achievable
  • better for the environment
  • not as expensive as some may think!

Whether it’s a pre-filled, ready-made party favour bag to save you the time and hassle or if you’re searching for the best eco party favour bags that are made in Australia, we’ve got you covered, read on to discover our top picks!

There are heaps of Earth-friendly party favour options for every party theme and age group that kids will find useful and entertaining without having to be disposed of…. Yippeee!

Some might think they are not as affordable, but in reality, if you think about the fact that many items are reusable, then you’re sure to get much more value for your money.

When looking for eco-friendly party favours, look at:

  • Where are items made? – Items made in Australia will have a smaller transportation carbon footprint.
  • What materials have been used? – Look for natural materials like FSC-certified wood, wool and cotton fabrics – materials that aren’t made from oil, like plastic.
  • What packaging do items come in? – Can you avoid plastic bags and packaging?

This way you can make sure they are low waste, plastic-free and truly sustainable.

Sustainable party favours

Here are some of our most popular eco party favours. Many handmade suppliers offer pre-filled eco-friendly party bags making it easier for mums, dads and party planners to throw a low-waste party saving you a heap of time!

1. Plaster of Paris favour packs by PM Plaster Craft

Plaster of Paris favour packs by PM Plaster Craft in almost every theme you can think of! They are hand-poured in Australia and include wooden paint brushes and nontoxic paint in refillable vials. They come with kraft bags and are a great way to keep kids entertained! Available here: Plaster favours

2. Natural crayons by Eco Crayons

Natural crayons are non-toxic and taste safe and are perfectly sized for little hands – oh so cute! Available on Partyora here: https://partyora.com/product-category/eco-party-products/eco-party-supplies/eco-party-favours/party-bag-fillers/

3. Themed activity booklets by Catherines Personalised Prints

Themed activity booklets by Catherines Personalised Prints are available in a range of themes and come personalised and printed ready for little guests in a range of themes Available here: https://partyora.com/product-category/printables/stationery/

Party bags jungle theme partyora

4. Themed calico party bags by The Conscious Party Co

These eco party bags are FILLED with the sweetest party bag prizes including natural playdough, wooden dough stamps, eco crayons and more! View them here: https://partyora.com/vendor/the-conscious-party-co/

5. Dress-up Tails

Clip-on dinosaur or Safari animal tails by Schooza are a great compliment to any dino or jungle-themed party. As well as making great party favours, what could be more exciting than dressing up at a party? Give guests something really memorable and reusable! Available on Partyora: dress-up favours

6. Dress up Crowns and Headbands

Searching for that perfect 1st Birthday Crown? Or Just a reusable party crown to dress the part.

Celebrate all their amazing milestones with these gorgeous pieces that can be reused year after year! View them here: https://partyora.com/product-category/eco-party-products/eco-party-supplies/party-accessories/

7. Personalised Eco Favour bags full of goodies by Oh Goodie!

The cutest little party bags in a range of themes with personalisation? YES PLEASE! These come filled with natural playdough lightly scented, eco stickers wooden pencils and more. Perfect as travel bags with activites taken with you on the go! Available here: https://partyora.com/vendor/oh-goodie/

Grow seeds party favour

8. Seeds and Grow bags by Seeds for Tomorrow

Looking for sustainable party favours that are sugar and plastic free?? I’m so excited to show you these Grow eco party bags by Seeds for Tomorrow which come pre-filled with everything you need to plant them at home!
These are a wonderful and sustainable option, each favour comes with herb seeds, a biodegradable pot and a peat pellet PLUS a gorgeous kids affirmation card all in a reusable drawstring bag! YES PLEASE to eco surprises for little ones to take home that won’t damage the earth!⁣⁣ View them here: https://partyora.com/vendor/seeds-for-tomorrow/

9. Make your own Playdough and slime from the MakeMUD range

his perfect collection of sensory bases made from real MUD are sure to ignite your little one’s imaginations with Natural EarthFizz, Eco Slime and even Playdough powder!

We can’t think of a better way to spend time learning through play sustainably, Just add water to begin creating!
These make for some wonderful party activities to entertain guests or great as eco gift ideas.

View them on the site here: https://partyora.com/vendor/muddly-puddly-laboratory/

All have free standard shipping Australia-wide. Alternatively, you can get creative and make your own.

A few more DIY eco-friendly party favours

Wanna create some amazing eco party favours from scratch? Pinterest is a popular source of ideas for DIY-ers and you can follow our Pinterest page for daily doses of eco-friendly party inspiration here: Partyora on Pinterest
Try thinking outside the box and using your imagination. Why not ask the kids to brainstorm with you for ideas? They might surprise you plus getting them involved makes their little day!
Here’s some great ideas to inspire you…

10. DIY crayons

Repurpose all of your broken crayons, cut them up and place them into silicone moulds and bake your own fun-shaped crayons!

11. Colouring in books or preloved children’s books

Jungle dafari cookies

12. Themed Party Cookies

Freshly baked cookies are a wonderful idea for a favour – wrap in brown paper bags, and biodegradable cellophane and give them a treat that surely won’t go to waste!

13. Reusable fill-your-own party bags on Partyora

There’s a range of fabric reusable fill-your-own party bags available on Partyora, perfect for adding your make-your-own items.

14. Personalised party bag tags which can be added to all your party bags!

Take these cute little Koala thank you tags by Linen and Wove to compliment your Australian Animal party theme! Simply order them here: https://partyora.com/shop/australian-animal-blue-birthday-invitation-for-boys-printable-digital-file-only/
These are a digital download so all you need to do is print them out on a home printer or local printshop and cut them out, add some ribbon or string and tie them to your favours for little guests!

Three mamas eco glitter partyora party favour

15. Eco Glitter bottles

Throwing a Magic themed or Enchanted Fairy Party? Glitter and Sparkle at your next party…sustainably with eco glitter bottles by Three Mamas!

These make perfect party favours or party bag fillers and are great for craft, playdough or potion making for your party activities! Made from a base of sustainably sourced eucalyptus cellulose, this biodegradable glitter is cosmetic grade and safe for kids!

rainbow party supplies

Handmade and reusable Pencil toppers

Accessorise your pencils with the sweetest little felt embroidered pencil toppers! These are great as gifts and party bag fillers for your next event! Now which topper to choose?! View them here: https://partyora.com/product-category/eco-party-products/eco-party-supplies/eco-party-favours/party-bag-fillers/

Why not give one of these options a try? Or feel free to contact me if you need something custom for your next party and there are loads of eco party ideas shared in our Facebook group

Juliana Multari partyora

Written by Juliana Multari

Sydney-based Mumboss, on a mission to spread eco-friendly cheer!

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