At, we have sourced some of the best eco party goodies from some amazing makers around Australia!

Since the successful launch of our brand new online party biz at the end of January 2020, I have been flooded with all sorts of emotions; from happy to hopeful, stressed to tired and excited to grateful– This business idea began as a way to bring all the best eco-friendly party products together for busy mums, dads and party planners to throw an amazing and stress-free sustainable party.
A plan was put in place, content was created, our vendors all wanted in and the website went LIVE! (Mama I did it!)

For our earth-loving mums, dads and sustainable party planners, we have sourced some of the best eco party goodies from down under, in the one, convenient, online marketplace.
Here you will find:

Party printables
-Activity packs to entertain little party-goers
-Fabric buntings/ decoration packs
-Fabric Pass the parcel packs
-Beeswax candles
-Prefilled eco friendly party bags with various fillers
-Eco Gift wrap & gift bags
-Eco friendly Gifts & more added soon.

So to tell you a little more about some of the amazing products we have started with and how they can help you to plan your next party without a hitch, please read on!
Party printables

I have always been a stickler for tradition when it comes to throwing a party and I believe some of those beautiful traditions can get lost in our fast-paced, ever-changing, world.
With family parties in the past, I’ve kept the invitations as a keepsake and like to stick them in my anniversary books I make each year to look back on. (Admittedly they have been left aside for me to finish since our first baby came along but I am determined to finish them!)

I personally love a well made invitation to put up on the fridge as a reminder of the special occasion coming up.
Getting the kids involved by choosing a party theme and an invitation style to compliment it, helps them feel involved. It also helps to set the tone of the day/night and lets your guests know all the important details ahead of time.

You could hand make your own invites like the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle one above that one of our wonderful Facebook members ,Yvonne, had made for her daughters 10th birthday party! These were printed out and stuck on Kraft cardboard as a backing and look terrific!
If you purchase one of our digital files, we recommend printing them off on recycled paper or for an even better eco-friendly solution, you could send it out via text message or email! And if you wanted to match your decorations for your special ones day, why not opt for a printed digital pack like this one below with all the matching decorative items by Mj creation — Easy -peasy! Take a look here:

Activity packs

When throwing a party for your little ones, keeping them entertained so you can mingle and enjoy the day with them should be a top priority.
Hiring an entertainer is a great way to keep the kids busy or you could set up some party activities like these make your own bath-bomb kits below far left by The Eco Party Place. Perfect for a sisterly spa party or sweet slumber / sleepover party, count me in! Check them out here: More sizes available.

We also offer some Paint your own plaster packs you could use for an arts & crafts party which is always loads of messy fun for all ages– These activity packs can also double as a the take home gift! WINNING! Check them out here: More themes & plaster party favours available here:

We have just added some wonderful activity booklets designed by The Party Pack co in Sydney, NSW. With Space, Llama, Pirate & Mermaid themes and some wonderful activities including

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Connect the Dots
  • Find-a-word
  • Create a New Word
    Just to name a few, these are double sided and jam packed with FUN!
    These are printed using vegetable based Ink on post consumer paper
    You can view them all here: & have them delivered to your door.
Fabric buntings/ decoration packs

These fabric buntings from Sydney, NSW are super cute and can be customised to your party theme. Hang them above or around your dessert table, on a highchair, outside as a backdrop or over your tee pee/tent to decorate.
There are loads of DIY tutorials to make your own. The best part about a fabric bunting is they are easy to set up by simply tying them to a hook, nail or post, plus they can be thrown in the wash and reused time and time again. You can re-purpose them as gorgeous wall decor for your little ones room, the cubby house or play area! We have a few designs for you to browse here:

Fabric Pass the parcel packs

When playing this favourite party game, for many the nostalgia kicks in. The excitement of opening the wrapping when the music stops, where a prize awaits is great fun! With our handmade in Sydney, NSW fabric pass the parcel packs ,you can save a heap of time because instead of wrapping each layer with paper that usually isn’t recyclable, you can simply pop a party prize in the smallest bag, pull the drawstring, then put that bag into the next size up with another prize and repeat–this way you’re done in a matter of seconds!
Keep it aside for your next party or lend it to a friend.
There are a range of eco friendly items you can add to put inside each layer
Our favourites are:
-Wooden pencils
-Colouring in books
-Wooden toys
-Hair scrunchies
-Natural playdough like the ones from Ready Scent Dough from Melbourne ,VIC Smell amazing and are non toxic!
You can make your own Paper planes, origami, even throw in some eco-confetti Like these from the Blue Mountains in NSW. –You could also use these to fill the pinata, or to decorate tables with!

Pass the Parcel Magical Garden, Fairies
Beeswax candles

So you have the perfect cake picked out and maybe even plan to bake one yourself…Go you!
Topping it with a “bee day” beeswax candle is the safest option! Shop them here

Prefilled Party bags

Don’t forget the take-home gift! We have handpicked some of the best eco-friendly makers to provide you with some prefilled party bags/ loot bags/ favour bags. Let us take the fuss out of planning your next party and make this one less thing to worry about.

How about some vegan-friendly homemade plaster party favours in almost every theme you can possibly think of!
Handmade in The Hunter Valley in NSW, each party bag is pre-filled with 2 non toxic paints and a wooden paintbrush for little ones to enjoy well after the party is over! These favours continue to be children of all ages favourite and make a fantastic keepsake for them to remember forever. You can view the party plaster favour bags, activity sets & bundles here:

Eco Giftwrap and Gift bags

Using eco-friendly gift wrap is a far superior alternative to provide your giftee with that satisfaction and anticipation of opening up a carefully thought out gift!

Fact: Did you know, most of the store bought giftwrap is not recyclable? If it contains non-paper additives such as plastic/wax coating, dyes, glitter or foiled patterns, it is only reusable if it is not ripped. Yikes!

We are particularly fond of these gift wrap rolls and bags pictured below which have been designed in Sydney, NSW by Loktaa as they are far more sustainable and help to support a greater cause with 50% of the net profits goes on to fund children’s education in Nepal via their charity partner, Room to Read.
You can view the collection here:

Eco friendly Gifts

We spoke about some eco friendly gift options in depth in our last blog, you can catch up here if you missed it: Six zero waste gift ideas for 2020
We are thrilled to share that we now have some eco gifts available for that deserving someone at every stage of their life.
Our hand crafted wooden toys by Eco Play have been added and are available to view here:

We also have added some gorgeous costumes and head wear for the dress-up box by Schooza. These handmade keepsakes are a perfect party accessory, you could use them as party bag fillers and a wonderful gift. They’re available here:

Or check out the gift section by clicking this link :

I am looking forward to seeing some of the eco party goodies in action and sharing more of whats to come with you all very soon. I have put my whole heart into this business, I’ve connected with some amazing makers who are equally as passionate as I am about what they do and create and I’m lucky enough to have formed some amazing friendships along the way. Thanks for reading and feel free to share this blog!

At Partyora we appreciate all of the supportive messages, feedback and comments so please let us know what you thought of this blog about the best eco-party goodies from around Australia, and for any other eco-freindly party tips, we invite you to join our fb group
Juliana xx