Looking for some fun and unique 1st birthday party themes for your bub? We’ll go through our most popular ONES! Written by Juliana Multari – Founder of Partyora

Of course, 1st Birthday parties have got to be my favourite, your baby may not remember it but as parents, we love nothing more than celebrating every little milestone and after making it through all the sleepless nights and nappy changes, there’s nothing quite like a celebration of all the special firsts!
Take a look at some of the most Popular First Birthday Party Themes for your bub below!

First Birthday Party Theme ideas

Boho Rainbows

One of the most popular themes we’ve seen trending for both girls’ and boys’ first birthday parties would have to be boho rainbows! Think muted tones in pinks, apricot and beige or pale blues, brown and cream. This is the perfect theme to celebrate a long-awaited rainbow baby too!
You can view some of our partyora boho rainbow parties and how we put them together here https://partyora.com/eco-party-inspo/

Australian Animals

If you’re wanting a sweet little theme for your cuddly little koala, then why not throw an Aussie animals 1st Birthday party to celebrate this special milestone! This theme has been trending on our website and one of our favs at Partyora HQ! Think Eucalyptus leaves, Koalas, lamingtons and Australian botanicals to create the perfect party.
You can view our fav eco party supplies for this theme here https://partyora.com/eco-party-inspo/Australian-Animal/

Fairy Garden

This enchanted and earthy theme makes for a memorable first birthday party. Little ones will love to dress up with fairy wings and wands, build fairy gardens and sprinkle fairy dust! Take a look at this whimsical theme here https://partyora.com/eco-party-inspo/fairy-party/

Safari – Wild ONE

There are so many options for this theme with the various jungle animals, vines, leaves and colour palettes- no wonder it’s one of the most popular party themes to create a truly unique 1st birthday!

You could get little safari explorers to wear safari hats and binoculars or opt for some Jungle animal masks and tails and let them be WILD!

Take a look at our wide range of safari party ideas and inspo for all the party animals! https://partyora.com/eco-party-inspo/jungle-animals/

Mister ONEderful

For your little Mister, this theme is a great pick for something a little fancier!
You could stick with a black white and gold colour palette or Elegant Navy blue with silver or gold like this invitation from Catherines Personalised prints you can order here: https://partyora.com/shop/mr-onederful-party-invitation/
Another idea could be to dress your little one up in a white onesie with suspenders and a bowtie and decorate cupcakes like the ones below from Easy Peasy Cakes with photos of your bub- Too cute! View them here: https://partyora.com/shop/funny-faces-cupcake-topper-pack/

Alice in ONEderland

If you’re after a classic fairytale party, then Alice in One-derland is the perfect party idea for you!

Host a ‘Mad hatters tea party’ where you could serve a high tea style menu with delightful desserts and finger foods and style it with lots of florals to recreate this pretty theme! Have a look at some of our eco party supplies to match here: https://partyora.com/?s=pastel

felt ball flower topper

Some Bunny Is One

This is such a sweet little theme for your little bunny to enjoy celebrating their very first birthday!
Think pastels in any shade, bunny tails and ears and you could even save any Easter decorations you may have put away to style this delightful theme!
Take a look at our range of Bunny Party supplies here: https://partyora.com/product-category/eco-party-products/shop-by-theme/bunny-rabbit/

Mermaid / Under the Sea

Throw your baby a gorgeous 1st Birthday with an Under the Sea or Mermaid themed SHELL-ABRATION!
Turtles, Fishies, Starfish and Mermaids are wonderful options to style and theme an amazing Birthday party. You could have bubble blowing and hang streamers to make it feel like you’re under the sea!
Here are some more ideas for this theme: https://partyora.com/eco-party-inspo/mermaids-wishes/

Adopt A Puppy Paw-ty

What’s cuter than puppies at a party?! Why not throw your dear little one a Puppy party with little plush pups for guests to adopt.
This theme has become even trendier since the rise in popularity of the kids show ‘Bluey’ so hosting a bluey inspired puppy paw-ty is a great theme for your little ones 1st Birthday!
We have some ideas on how to put it all together below:

Sunflowers and Daisies

Bright and happy, this is what comes to mind when I think of a Sunflowers & daisies party theme. You could choose just one of these florals as the theme or, both together as they compliment each other so well!
Lots of bright white and yellow tones are needed to create this vibrant party and fresh florals are a great idea to top a cake with!

You can take a look at how we helped Mum of 2 Claire, throw a Sunflowers and Daisies Party for her daughter below!

Colour theme

Sometimes our littlest ones may not show any interest in much and we can be lost scrolling Pinterest for 1st Birthday Ideas so for this reason, a simple colour palette is all that’s needed to create a simple and gorgeous party for their very First!
Sticking to 2 or 3 complimenting colours will help reduce any overwhelm when picking out decorations and helps to tie it all together in the easiest way!
We had the pleasure of helping Mum Kate, throw a Pink and Peach themed 1st Birthday for her daughter which you can see here: https://partyora.com/a-peachy-pink-first-birthday-party/

Written by Juliana Multari

Sydney-based Mumboss on a mission to spread eco-friendly cheer!

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