Ever since I had Orlando, my obsession for cleaning only grew with each child. The vacuum is my best friend, as a mum of 4 little boys, they make a big mess! My favourite part of cleaning is tricking the boys into thinking cleaning is super fun so, they clean with me!😅 .

Our family has switched over to a low waste lifestyle over a year ago now, and are always finding ways to improve the way we do things! Yesterday we bought our first worm farm and can’t wait to start it with the kids! Involving them in the process of switching over has been so rewarding, they are so curious about EVERYTHING and are learning to be mindful too!

The change began after seeing all the excessive party disposables at our own childrens parties piled into the bin by the end of the event, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt.
I began questioning how much do I ALREADY HAVE?
What do I actually NEED?
What do I already have that can be REUSED?
How can I do/be BETTER?
At their parties, I wanted to spoil them with these wonderfully big celebrations as my parents did for me. I’d buy all the plastic party supplies without too much thought only for them to end up in the bin hours later which made no sense!
Not only was it a waste of money, but there’s also the whole impact-on the-earth-factor and then the mum guilt crept in …” what was I teaching my kids?” They’re so impressionable.
How would my children learn to value things and take care of things if I was throwing away so much right in front of their eyes?

This moment led me on a journey for change.

I began researching sustainable options and the dangers of plastics and what I found shocked me! I had done a little research on BPA’s when I was pregnant for the first time and began avoiding plastic containers in the kitchen a while ago but what I didn’t know about, was the real dangers of balloons, the way they broke up in the air and landed in the oceans, our sealife confusing them for food and choking on them!
I was completely unaware of the real risks of helium with kids and that it could be fatal if ingested?! YIKES!!
My kids love balloons but I knew If I could make some changes and teach them from now, I could still create something special for them and make a difference without the danger, chemicals or plastics!
The truth is, single-use party items are so readily available at all the major department stores and party shops which makes it too easy not to give it a second thought when planning a child’s birthday party. There is a misconception that plastic is cheaper to produce, import and buy but at what cost?
With BIGGER and BETTER party trends, it has just become the norm but one that needs to change!
Some might think they’re more affordable. In reality, their Eco-friendly alternatives aren’t much higher in price, pose zero threat to the environment, are non-toxic which means better for our kids and with some items being reusable, you get much more value for money! This is why I started Partyora, a place to plan an eco-friendly party easily! Since launching in January 2020, I have continued to learn about ways to implement sustainability in the home.

Our eco journey has seen us swap the following:

  • Plastic toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes including the kids
  • shampoo bottles for shampoo bars
  • Regular cleaning products for natural/chemical-free cleaning products
  • Bought bread in plastic to a minimum and make our own bread with the bread maker as much as possible
  • Regular dish sponges for plastic-free handmade dishcloths and coconut scrubber for pots

Along the way I’m learning more and more about the different materials in products we buy, what they’re actually made from, how much waste goes into the manufacturing process and the excessive plastic packaging!
Shopping locally from a handmade and Australian made supplier would reduce a lot of these issues and waste! For me choosing a more sustainable lifestyle has been a HUGE unlearning experience that I’m really enjoying.