If you’re searching for sustainable Space party ideas, look no further than this Out of this world Eco Space party for Twins Andre and Roman!
Space fabric bunting

These identical twins of mine who turned 4 asked for a SPACE PARTY! I’ll show you how I threw them an “Out of this world” Eco Space Party and kept it earth-friendly and plastic-free with reusable party decorations throughout!

When throwing a sustainable party, think of items you may have around the home to use as props and decorations to minimise waste with the same amazing effect.

We used a white cotton flat sheet as the backdrop and small vases as table decor, pillows and throw rugs for the floors and our furniture as the props!
A colour palette of Black, White and a hint of yellow was used to keep the theme matchy-matchy. I suggest choosing a colour palette and sticking to it!

3-4 colours is all you need! Sticking to a few colours makes it super easy to match the party decor and really makes the party pop!

Less decisions just make life easier! Take a look at all the details below

The Invitation, Welcome sign & Thank you tags

Starting with the Invite, Welcome sign and thank you tags, I already knew the colours of the theme I wanted and so these were specially customised to suit the colour scheme by Linen & wove! Check out the sweet detail that has gone into them in these images below! Also available in white. These were sent out digitally to minimise waste and all of the printables were printed on recycled paper!
I simply added the welcome sign to a picture frame! Browse the Linen & Wove range here https://partyora.com/vendor/linen-wove/

The Cakes and Cupcakes

These spectacular buttercream space-themed drip cakes were created by Sugar whipped Cakes to match the theme! Working with Claire was effortless and she came up with the ideas to make the ordering process really easy! They were topped with the yummiest macaroons in slightly different colours for the twins!
We also had Star wars inspired cupcakes which were a favourite amongst the kids! We had leftovers to give to guests to take home too, so zero waste and we had lots of compliments with these desserts! View their services here https://partyora.com/directory/business-listing/cakes-desserts/sugar-whipped-cakes/

The Cake toppers

We topped the cakes with Two matching Crescent moon macramé toppers by Blushing Rose! These monochrome cake toppers can be ordered in any colour to match your theme and are reusable! They also make the perfect wall decoration! View cake toppers here https://partyora.com/shop/macrame-crescent-moon-cake-topper/

Decorations, Pass the parcel & Fabric Bunting

We had a matching set with a Fabric reusable bunting, 10 lolly bags and a Fabric Pass the parcel set.
The 10 layer pass the parcel filled with wooden puzzles, foil-wrapped chocolates and more for kids to play, this took seconds to fill and best of all is reusable!

We used our large fabric bunting above the cake table which we have reused in the kids bedroom as wall decor! They are available here https://partyora.com/shop/space-fabric-bunting/

Eco confetti

This rainbow metallic eco confetti by Eco confetti was scattered on the tables, put inside the pinata and thrown in the air for some fun photos! Fully home compostable and water-soluble, this eco confetti is the best way to create that party atmosphere in an instant without the plastic. It gets its sparkle from the cellulose of Eucalyptus trees! https://partyora.com/shop/rainbow-metallic-eco-confetti-50g/

Colouring in sheets

Kids LOVE to colour-in and setting up a colouring-in station or table is a great way to let them be creative! Why not use the opportunity to make it a colouring-in comp for a prize? This way they’ll colour in the whole page.
These colouring pages were created by Catherine’s Personalised prints and are available on our site in a set of 3, print as many as you need!! Get them here https://partyora.com/shop/space-colouring-printables/

The Crowns

You can see by their faces how happy and excited the twins were about wearing these number 4 crowns for their party and didn’t want to take them off! These were handmade by Schooza to match the party colours. Afterwards, they can be added to the dress-up box and worn inside out if they want to be little kings! You can purchase these in a range of colours and numbers here https://partyora.com/shop/felt-birthday-crown/

The Food

The kids were treated to the most beautiful kids grazing box by Deliciously Grazed Sydney, complete with watermelon stars, carrot sticks, crackers, grapes, strawberries, chocolate dip and so much more! Everything was so fresh and tasty! Besides the grazing box, we had some chicken, bread rolls and salads, fruit juice and water. It was a small party with intimate family so we kept it really simple. https://www.facebook.com/deliciouslygrazedsydney/

Reusable gift bags

Gifts were wrapped in the most gorgeous handmade reusable gift bags by Wrapless. Reusable giftwrap is the best sustainable options PLUS it’s so much quicker!
These come in a set of 3 a Small, medium and large which were generous sizes! We fit t-shirts, books and even shoes with ease. They also came with reusable gift tags! View the full range here https://partyora.com/vendor/wrapless/

Timber Happy Birthday Sign

Our favourite reusable Happy Birthday sign by Honeycomb Living was used to decorate the cake table this time around. In the past we have used it on the wall, on props, there are so many options!
What we love most about it is that it can be used for every single family member!! View them here https://partyora.com/shop/timber-birthday-wall-decoration/

The Moon Pinata

I created a cardboard crescent moon pinata for the boys and ended up having a turn myself! This was made with a cardboard box, crepe paper, glue and rope and filled with foil-wrapped stars and some lollies the grandparents bring over that we end up with too many of! For more Pinata tips click here

The boys had a BLAST! When we asked them what their favourite part of the party was, they both replied: “The Moon pinata!” Followed closely by the Baby Yoda and Strom trooper cupcakes!

A special thanks to Captured by Amanda for photographing their special day so perfectly!

Styling, Fabric Bunting, Fabric pass the parcel, Fabric lolly bags, Tablecloths, Pinata by Mum/ owner of Partyora.com

Photography | Captured By Amanda

Cake and Cupcakes | Sugar Whipped Cakes

Grazing box | Deliciously Grazed

Macramé Moon Cake Toppers | Blushing Rose

Timber Happy Birthday Sign | Honeycomb Living

Reusable Gift bags | Wrapless

Welcome sign, Thank you tags and invite | Linen and Wove

Colouring in sheets | Catherine’s personalised Prints

Birthday Crowns | Schooza

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