How can I throw an amazing birthday party at home for my child you ask? We have your answers!

There are loads of ways to throw a fun and amazing birthday party at home for your child and make it memorable! From baking their favourite foods together to decorating the home, personalised video messages to online parties, we can show you how, where and what you can do!

Birthday Bags

With all the essential eco party goodies to make their birthday from home magical, take a look at these wonderful birthday bags that are full of FUN! If you are wanting something with all the extras, then the deluxe Birthday Bag is party at home perfection.
Complete with Aussie made mini fabric pass the parcel bags that you can reuse for every event that save so much time! Available in 2 sizes, you can order your Birthday bags here!

Timber birthday wall script, throw an isoaltion birthday with

Set the scene

Even if it is just Mum, Dad and child (If there are other siblings and pets, don’t forget to invite them!) You can still have a memorable party from home! Decorating is half the fun and choosing sustainable options is also beneficial to our environment. We have your decorations sorted with our Timber Happy Birthday sign which is not only handmade and Aussie -made but can also be reused for each birthday! We also have fabric buntings that double up as room decor here. You can pick flowers from the garden, use some of their favourite toys as party props and make it FUN!

Birthday food

Making your child’s favourite foods is a great way to make them feel extra special when you throw an isolation birthday! You can still have various party type foods but you could do something a little different like make them breakfast in bed with all the trimmings, or their favourite lunch and dinner and make it all about them!
You might even take the opportunity to get them involved in the cooking and baking! For some amazing recipes to try, head over to our friend Andrea’s page The cooking collective here

Party activities

You can look at ways of making your own decorations and activities or If you prefer, for some DIY inspo, head over to our Eco friendly Party Planning group on Facie here

The Cake

Let’s be real, it’s not a party without cake! If you are a whizz in the kitchen or a terrible chef (like me) either way, we’ve done the maths and cake= party! 

Did you know there are DIY cake kits? You can order online and then follow instructions and voilà! Cake sorted!! We love of cake kits, cupcake kits and custom kits available at  

“Organic cake mix ingredients with no refined sugar. SupaDust, colour by nature. No tricky shapes to cut or fondant to roll. Minimal stress. Hero status. Makes being a parent easy, almost!”

There are also some wonderfully themed cake kits available at

“Be your kids Hero- Stress free, fun, deliciousness in every kit”

Would your kids enjoy painting their own cookie?! We think YES! cookmiacookie have various paint your own cookie pack sizes which include 1 paintbrush and an edible pallet. Larger pack sizes come with extra pallet and brush. To paint simply add water as you would with watercolour paints and the best part is they deliver Aus wide or local pick up from Five Dock NSW!

There are also some Fun and easy to bake DIY cookie kits that you can create from scratch with all the ingredients in re-usable glass bottles! Check them out here

‘Providing adorable, affordable and unique little vintage styled mixes in a bottle. “


The Candle/s

So you have baked the cake of their dreams, don’t forget the candles! Phew. Singing “Happy Birthday never sounds as good without candles to blow out afterwards!

“Plan your party from the comfort of your own home. Our products are not only clever and stylish, but environmentally friendly”

Personalised Video Messages

When throwing an iso Birthday, you can get your family to join in on a zoom party or ask them to leave the B-day Boy/s or Girl/s (mummy of multiples over here) some personalised Video Messages so your child won’t feel like no one else is there to celebrate.
Several entertainment companies are offering to send the birthday boy/s or girl/s their very own personalised, in costume, Birthday message! What an age to be living in! 

Here’s the list: “Have your child’s favourite princess send them a special video message during this tough time” Personalised Videos . Choose from Elsa, Anna, Belle, Rapunzel, Tinker-belle, Jojo Siwa impersonator, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Ariel & the Easter Bunny! The Birthday Fairy can send your little one a personalised video message for FREE! There are over 40+ Characters to choose from with Elsa, Unicorns and Fairies being the most popular! Online Instant Fairy Birthday calls or vouchers (You can use these towards a Birthday wish, the Tooth Fairy call or Dummy/pacifier removal. You can include an invitation Fairy Jar. Video Calls with our characters will be the perfect way to ensure that the magic stays alive on your child’s special day. Book your call via DM on their Instagram account or their Fb page! Isobel from Fly By Fun is offering character happy birthday messages Live Online, making their families incredibly happy!

Thorw an isolation birthday with

Online Parties

So you want to give them something extra special and all-inclusive how about throwing a virtual party?! Sounds so futuristic and we are loving the ideas that these companies have to offer!

Alternatively, you could have an online cooking party run by foost, The kids can make a cupcake or pizza and all sing happy birthday virtually here

“With my child’s birthday party coming up soon, I realised there was no way to celebrate with friends in-person, but why not virtually? Each child will cook either a mug cake OR a pizza from their own home (ingredients list supplied). Children will also make a joint digital birthday card, sing happy birthday and play interactive games”-

Then there’s also Fairy Simone who started who runs online interactive sessions and lessons in making playdough, dancing and playing games! !

“I started Birthday Fairy to create joy and spread happiness. To be able to continue to support children and parents during these uncertain times, we moved to an online platform to run interactive one-on-one and group sessions. We are privileged to have technology to be able to provide the interaction which children thrive upon and reduce the stress for parents. We are running free sessions each week and also have tailored sessions which can be booked for your child and their friends. Our online parties have also been very popular as children are able to connect with their friends virtually and still dance, play games and feel special.”



Birthday Gifts

If you throw an isolation birthday party with some of our suggestions, that IS a gift in itself! But there are lots of online gift options such as wooden toys, crown & wand sets, milestone cards and more here. If you want something for them to unwrap we also have reusable giftwrap options which are a gift on their own! View our selection here:

So as you can see there are a number of ways to throw an isolation birthday for your child/children and still have an extra special day! If you would like to be featured on our Instagram, please use any at home birthday snaps with the hashtag #partyora to be featured! We hope you like these ideas and if you found it helpful feel free to leave us a comment below! 


Sydney based Mumboss on a mission to spread eco friendly cheer!

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