We’ll show you how we helped mum of 2, Claire, to plan an eco-friendly sunflower party the easy way!

Thinking of your next child’s party and trying to make it totally waste-free can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be!

At Partyora, we’re all about helping parents plan the best party EVER, sustainably! 
Planning your child’s party should be a fun experience, so don’t let the stress of making sure everything is perfectly plastic-free ruin it for you.
We’ll show you how, take a look at all the wonderful details of this Sunflower and Daisies party below!

The theme & mood board

After discussing party themes with Mum, Claire, we decided on a floral theme with a unique twist. “Sunflower and Daisies” seemed fitting because it was a joint party for her daughters. Combining the flowers allowed us to bring in a few complementary colours so we could create a truly unique colour palette for this fun party!

When planning a party there’s one thing that’s a must- STRESS-FREE!
Partyora ensured just that, and more!
My girls birthdays are just 4 days apart, and we had just moved into our new home meaning a combined 2nd and 4th birthday PLUS housewarming was on the cards.
Missing out on parties last year meant I wanted to do something a little bit special so, I contacted Juliana from Partyora with a brief outline and let the magic happen! I’m the type to completely hand over creative control and Juliana absolutely nailed it with “Sunflowers and Daisies.”

Juliana created a mood board which she shared to ensure the theme suited our vision. She then orchestrated the invitations, decorations, cake toppers, confetti and plaster painting which doubled as party entertainment as well and party favours – win-win! Each element was perfectly put together to match the theme!

Claire from @devinelittleminds

When working with us, you’ll get a custom mood board with theme/ colours to compliment the party so you can visualise it in advance just like this one!⁣ Click here to work with us! https://partyora.com/plan-with-us/

Let’s start with an invitation!

Bright and happy, this is what comes to mind when I think of Sunflowers & daisies. We used yellows, and whites with a touch of blue, the perfect combo for this on-trend party! This customised invite was created and personalised by MJ Creations for gorgeous Hazel and Niamh!
Letting your guests know all the details in advance is the perfect way to a successful party. It means you’ll have time to prepare and plan to perfection!
You can send these out electronically via SMS, Fb messenger or Email for a totally zero waste option.
View our range of invitations here: https://partyora.com/product-category/printables/

sunflower party decorations

Eco sunflower decorations

A simple swap to plastic free party decor, accessories and favours is a fab and easy way to make a difference for the better at your next party!
Take these gorgeous cake toppers as an example, they’re handmade in Australia and can be reused year after year for various celebrations to decorate your cakes, best of all they’re plastic free! Add a pop of colour to your birthday cake with these gorgeous flower cake topper sets by The little shindig shop. They’re available here https://partyora.com/shop/felt-flower-cake-topper-set/

The cakes!

I contacted our great friend Ana from Cakes & Cupcakes by Ana- Marie who created the most amazing cakes to suit the theme perfectly!

Claire- @devinelittleminds

Eco confetti

Celebrate in style with the prettiest biodegradable confetti and make every party feel really FUN without the waste! This tissue paper Eco confetti is water soluble, home compostable, Makes for great photos and is the best fun ever! View it here https://partyora.com/shop/rainbow-tissue-paper-eco-confetti-10g/

Plaster painting favours

Keep the kids entertained!⁣ Whether it’s at a party or at home, there are so many wonderful ways to keep the kids entertained and one of our favs are with eco plaster favours!⁣
⁣Just set up a space like this one and we promise that their creativity will appear!⁣
⁣These hand-poured, eco friendly plasters by PM Plaster Craft, are handmade in the Hunter Valley so you know they are safe for little hands! They include wooden brushes and paints so the kids can get crafty straight away!⁣
What you need:⁣
NOTHING – everything is delivered! View them here https://partyora.com/shop/sunflower-plaster-party-favour-pack/

In addition to being stress-free, the girls’ party was also eco friendly- which meant zero waste and the decorations can be used over and over again! The beautiful sunflower bunting now decorates our playroom and the cute flower toppers created a gorgeous fairy garden!

We can’t thank Juliana and her team enough for such a beautiful and well-thought-out party!

Claire from @devinelittleminds

A very special thank you to Claire for these wonderful party snaps, we are so honoured to have been able to help you and your girls to celebrate sustainably!

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Written by Juliana Multari, Mum boss on a mission of spreading eco friendly cheer!