We can show you how to make a DIY Piñata out of a carboard box...

We promise it will be FANTASTIC!

A piñata is a favourite game to enjoy at every party and in this tutorial we will show you how to make a DIY piñata!

Traditionally the piñata is made by blowing up a balloon to make a sphere shape and then constructed using paper mache with strips of newspaper and homemade glue. For me, growing up with South American heritage, my Grandmother (Abuela,  but we call her Nona) would teach my brothers and I to make them this way but we have adapted them to make a simple and Eco-friendly version for you!

With our simple tutorial, you can make one using a cardboard box and other items from around the home! Whether it’s a first birthday or a 21st, a pinata is a great way to make it a smashing party!

You could get the kids to help you make them, this can be just as enjoyable as it is to break them.You might find they will make their own pinatas as they grow older, as I did 😀
In this tutorial, we have step by step instructions with images to help you get it done!

Let’s get started on how to make a DIY piñata!

What you will need:

A large-sized cardboard box
Masking tape
String (to hold it up, twine or raffia work well)
Coloured paper (to decorate)
Crepe paper

  • To begin, unravel your cardboard box and cut out a long rectangle. For this example it is approximately 90cm x 10cm.
  • Bend it into a circle and secure with masking tape.
  • Place it over another piece of cardboard and trace the inner circle.
    ( In this example I have used two of the box tabs and stuck them together, then reinforced them with masking tape.)

  • Leave a border of 2 inches around the circles when cutting. This will create tabs for pieces to stick together with. Cut into the border to make tabs. Make sure you have repeated this step so that you have two sides of your pinata
  • Fold the tabs up and slide the first side into the circle then secure with tape.
  • Place the 2nd side on top of the circle with some tabs folded in and some out. Secure with masking tape so there are no holes for prizes to fall out of!

  • Make sure there is a hole cut out at the top to fill the pinata with and try not to cover this hole when decorating in next steps
  • Next tie your string around your piñata base and secure with masking tape. For this example I have used paper raffia.

Next on How to make a DIY piñata is the fun part, the decorating!

Being a circular piñata , you can decorate this however you like!

For one of our identical twins parties, we had a superhero theme and made a circular piñata with 1 side red and a spiderman image and other side green with a hulk image!
For some superhero theme ideas, click here
In this example of how to make a DIY piñata we have made a sweet little Lion. We made this for our youngest sons safari themed 1st birthday and it was a HIT! LOL

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Here’s how we decorated this piñata :

  • Stick 2 A4 sheets of yellow paper together with glue and cut the corners to fit over the piñata base. This will make the face.
  • Next, using a sheet of black paper, fold it in half and trace a small lid of a jar with chalk to make the eyes. I have drawn a love heart shape for a nose, Cut them out and stuck them on to the face.
  • Using a bit of pink crepe paper, I have folded it in half and traced a smaller circle or a lid again using chalk and cut them out as cheeks. You can also paint the face if you prefer.
  • I have drawn his smile with a black marker.

Finish with crepe paper fringing!

  • Lastly we want to give him a ruffly mane. Using Orange crepe paper, we folded it into long strips as long as the sheet of crepe paper and 4-5cm wide.
  • Lay your strips on top of each other then cut in your fringing so they will be the same all the way along.
  • Begin from the bottom and work your way up, you can use glue or masking tape to secure. If using masking tape, make little loops to stick the final pieces of fringing on so you wont see the masking tape.

Don’t forget to Fill it up!

You can use a range of Eco toys from wooden whistles, to eco confetti made from paper or leaves from the backyard, Hand folded origami or paper planes, small colouring in pencils, small erasers, For lollies, buy in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic or use small paper or cloth bags filled with loose jelly lollies and tie with string so they will get little parcels of lollies and somewhere to hold their other prizes!
Once it is filled you can use a little extra crepe paper to cover the hole at the top!

You can use a wooden bat or a small broomstick and keep it away for reusing at each party.
We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a DIY piñata, please let us know if it has helped you by leaving us a comment! For more eco party ides, we invite you to join our group here www.facebook.com/groups/ecofriendlypartyplanningideas/

Written by Juliana Multari

Sydney based Mumboss on a mission to spread eco friendly cheer!