Partyora is home to several small businesses who offer eco-friendly party goodies and services to help you organise your next party online and from the comfort of your own home.
Today I’m writing about Jess from The Eco Party Place and wanted to shine the spotlight on what she creates, how her business journey began and what she has to offer.
I first came into contact with Jess in December last year after finding her eco party products on Instagram and knew in an instant that I wanted to work with her. Her products embody eco-friendly parties, she is super passionate about what she creates and I was so excited to showcase her items!
For those wanting to plan a more mindful event, her prefilled plastic-free party bags have been really popular and come in a range of themes from superheroes to princesses, fairies to unicorns. Jess’s handmade numbered Beeswax ‘bee-day’ candles are beautiful too. Made from 100% Australian beeswax.
You can see the full range of items here!

Meet Jess

Jess is a mum to one, lover of nature and entrepreneur with a background in environmental science and has spent time working with injured wildlife undergoing care due to the effects of plastic and waste in our oceans. This first-hand experience fostered her passion for environmental conservation and she is now employed within the conservation industry. She is on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic and waste that ends up in our precious environment, one party at a time!

Jess says “During the planning of my son’s first birthday party, I discovered there was no easy one-stop-shop for plastic-free party bags. If parents wanted to choose the sustainable option they would have to scoot around to multiple shops in search of quality, fun, sustainable and affordable party bag fillers”

As a new mum herself she understood that parents are busy and together with her drive for conservation and creative side, she launched The Eco Party Place! She now offers not only plastic-free party bags but also some incredible bespoke Eco Creative Kits…plastic free of course!

I asked Jess why she loves what she does? She said “I love my job (employment) as a Conservation Officer as it allows me to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and work on environmental policies and conservation actions to conserve our natural environment. However, I do love coming home, pushing the serious talk aside and acting like a big kid! The Eco Party Place allows me to release all my creativity! I love that I’m not only making life a little easier for parents wanting to live more eco-friendly, I’m also putting a HUGE smile on the kids’ faces!”

Some exciting news

Jess has big plans for the business with her underlining mission to make it easier and more affordable for parents to throw incredible plastic-free parties for their kids and find sustainable activities for them to learn through PLAY! She has also recently launched her New Eco Creatives Subscription Membership for those wanting sustainable gifts and activities for their little ones. Once your little one is a member, they will receive a monthly Eco Creatives Box with a unique, eco-conscious & plastic free activity to enjoy. The activity could be craft, a DIY, or a hands on educational activity.

The opportunity to become a low priced founding member closes on Sunday the 17th or until sold out. Click the link below to learn more and to become an Eco Creatives Member!

If you love what you see and are planning a party for your little ones you can head over to and take a look at the amazing range of products from The Eco Party Place and Jess will be more than happy to help you out!