Wanting to create a low waste and eco-friendly Halloween celebration this year?

Here are some easy eco-friendly Halloween decorations for your home, with ideas to keep it low waste including Milk bottle ghosts, Egg carton halloween crafts and even some Spooky halloween eco slime!

By thinking outside the box and using what you already have at home, creating a more sustainable and plastic-free Halloween is so easy! This year we decided to make our own decorations for the front of the house to surprise the kids with and the neighbours!
We repurposed Milk Bottles for ghosts, Old cushions for Pumpkins and sewed a GIANT Redback spider from old pillowcases!
Read on for some wonderful waste-free ideas you might like to try yourself!

Milk bottle ghosts

With a family of 6, the kids love their milk so we try keeping these large milk bottles aside to repurpose in the craft room. This year we decided to decorate out front and spread some Halloween JOY. These Milk Bottle Ghosts were super quick and easy to make, I even had Mr 6 helping me sew and I find the kids love being involved!

How to create:

First, you’ll need
*A few Milk bottles (Large Juice or Oil bottles will work too)
*White fabric (we used an old sheet)
*Black fabric
*Sewing needle and thread
* An iron
*Twine or string to hang them up
*Nail or screw/hook to hang from.

To create your milk bottle ghosts, you simply need to cut enough fabric from an old sheet/ pillowcase or t-shirt to cover the milk bottle with extra to hang past it. Then cut in some zig-zag edges for the ends and iron.

Next cut out some eyes and a mouth from some black fabric, here I’ve used an old pillowcase that was faded.
You can do smiley or surprised faces, it’s entirely up to you!

Then simply sew them on. I used a white cotton thread and let Mr 6 try some hand-sewing for the first time, this made it easier for him to see where the thread went. Afterwards, we just coloured the cotton that was showing with a black permanent marker.

Lastly, you can simply tie a string around the top of the milk bottle or cut a hole through the lid, then loop it through and screw the lid back on. Make sure you cut a small hole at the top of the fabric for it to thread through and it’s ready to hang! We used some little screw/hooks from bunnings but you may want to tie them up to a nail or beam as an alternative option.

Egg carton halloween crafts

By keeping your egg cartons aside, you’ll have a house full of mini Halloween pumpkins and ghosts to use as decorations! Hang them up on the string to create a bunting, set them up on shelves or on a Halloween table with tricks and street! Take a look at this great video tutorial from Origami Tree below which shows you how simple these are to make!!

Spooky Halloween eco slime

It’s safe to say that kids love anything MESSY and slime is definitely something they just can’t get enough of, but if you’re worried about the harsh chemicals in storebought slimes, then there’s a wonderful eco alternative for you to try by Muddly Puddly Laboratory!
This eco slime has been created by a Mum from Melbourne and is made from real soil and sand!

View yours here:

natural eco slime powder
Natural Eco slime powder

This natural eco slime powder comes in a reusable eco pouch as a sensory slime base where you just add water and follow the directions to prepare it!
You can add items to your slime to make it spooky for Halloween such as toy spiders and bugs the kids may already have, some eco glitter for added sparkle and food/candy eye balls or stars!

DIY Eco Slime

If you’re more of a DIYer and you’d like to make your own eco-friendly slime this Halloween from scratch, check out this great recipe from The Good Life with Amy French here https://www.thegoodlifewithamyfrench.com/post/how-to-make-ecofriendly-slime

Halloween Trick or treat ideas

An eco-friendly alternative to some plastic covered trick or treat ideas can be as simple as purchasing foil wrapped lollies or chocolates in bulk, avoiding cheap plastic toys and using a bit of creativity! Take a look at some of the ideas we’ve collected below:

Trick or treat bowl free printable

If you’re not wanting to answer the doorbell or are away from your home trick or treating with the kids, then it’s a great idea to leave a bowl out with tricks or treats and a sign for people to know they may take one! This Free Trick or Treat bowl printable is available at KorandClark here https://koriclark.com/2014/09/13/take-one-halloween-sign/

Treats you may like to try:

*Foil wrapped chocolate coins
*Halloween themed cookies
*Small Halloween themed pencils or erasers

Sultana ghosts via eastamazing.co.uk

Tricks you might like to try:

*Sultana packets painted white with black marker faces to turn them into ghosts or skeletons
* Mandarins made to look like mini pumpkins (these are a treat for some I’m sure)
*Halloween jokes written on little rolled up or folded pieces of paper

The last decoration was this Giant redback spider made from the remainder of the pillowcase, with a red piece of felt for his bottom. White fabric from the old sheet to create eyes and fangs and sewn on, then lastly I filled him with old pillow stuffing.
The legs are cut up strips of the pillowcase and I blue tacked him to the front window! 🙂
Have a happy Halloween whatever you decide to do!!

Written by Juliana Multari

Sydney based Mumboss on a mission to spread eco-friendly cheer!

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