At Partyora, we have the privilege of working with some of the best, like-minded businesses who share a lot of our values and ethos. Today we are getting to know more about the lovely Liz, Owner of her Aussie handmade biz Schooza, read on to learn more about her enchanting small business!

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I first came into contact with Liz in April this year after our launch and was so taken by her whimsical, handmade crowns for littlies and knew I wanted to work with her. I know my own children have fallen in love with her products and enjoy playing with over and over again and so, others would love them just as much!

All about Schooza

Schooza is a small Aussie business with each and every item handmade on-site in Tasmania, Australia by Liz herself in between juggling her two boys.
She creates FUN dress ups and birthday crowns for kids and aims to make it easy for parents to bring some fun into their child’s; birthday party, book week /school dress-up days, photoshoots and dress-up box.

Liz says “I create stylish, quality handmade products which look great and allow children to get lost in a world of make-believe. ” And just one look at some of her handmade items, and you’ll see how much time and love has gone into each and every item.

For those who want something magical for their little ones to wear and feel really special on their day, her crowns and dress-up tails have been really popular and come in a range of themes from safari animals to dinosaurs, Spiders, Bees and so much more! You can view the range here

Meet Liz

Liz was inspired by her son when it came to her Cute and FUN business name Schooza (pronounced s-koo-za- like school but with a ZA)
Liz says ” It was something he was going around the house saying when he was about 3. He was racing around the room, jumping up onto his bed and laughing when asked what he was up to his reply was ‘i’m schoozing’. I have embraced this fun-filled childhood play in my products.

Being a fellow Mum of boys, Liz naturally has a preference for creating boys dress-ups and crowns and found a gap in the market which has helped to bring her successful handmade Aussie business to where it is today.

I particularly love creating products for BOYS, having two boys myself, I love being able to offer mums of boys something fun like a Big Bad Wolf costume to wear for a school dress-up day or a Special occasion glitter crown for a first birthday. Why should the boys miss out on all the fun!
I live in Hobart, Tasmania, and take inspiration from the Amazing Australian animals we have here. I was thrilled when an Australian school contacted me to make a range of nearly 70 Australian animal masks for their entire staff to wear for book week.

Liz- Owner of Shooza

  What her customers have said:

‘So happy with my daughter’s crown. Liz went beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Much thanks!!’ Alesha

‘I absolutely love this crown! It is so well made and fits perfectly on his big head! I love that it has elastic at the back so that it can grow a bit with him and sits so snugly that he didn’t try to pull it off! Thanks for a great product!’ Krystal

Exciting news:

Schooza recently celebrated 1000 Etsy sales which is such a wonderful milestone to have achieved! There always seems to be something new to create, you can catch some of her wonderful sustainable crowns and dress-ups on our site  which are sustainably packaged that your kids will treasure and wear over and over again!

If you have a Bluey themed or Hungry caterpillar inspired party, she has created the perfect crowns and can create something customised to suit your next event! We are so honoured to have Schooza as part of the Partyora family and are excited to see what she will create next!