Here’s 7 top tips for a sustainable kids party to try this summer!
Seeing your little one’s faces light up as you celebrate their special day is the reason why we make all the effort. Don’t let your hard work be overshadowed by the added stress of overflowing bins with plastic rubbish.
Here are our 7 top tips to leave you with less trash in the bin, and more money in your pocket. Cha-ching!

eco party plate set

1. Let us start with plates, cups and utensils

Serving up the drinks, sausage rolls and fairy bread with the cups, plates and utensils you already have, means you can keep the extra cash aside for entertainment or the cake.
Switch the plastic party disposables for everyday plates, therefore, choosing sustainable party ideas for your kids over convenience. Alternatively, you could buy thrifted teapots, teacups, and saucers in mismatched patterns for a fancy high tea styled theme. Glass bottles, tumblers, and jars are great instead of plastic bottles or cups and will work well for all occasions.

Lastly, you could buy biodegradable paper or bamboo plates, cups and cutlery like these premade packs available here:

Eco friendly party table


Did you know it can take up to one month for a paper napkin to fully decompose, the ones with foil writing on them even longer? Try using Fabric napkins as a waste reducing alternative for a sustainable kids party idea. If you are handy with a sewing machine, we love the idea of repurposing materials to make DIY napkins!
Your could style by rolling or folding them, placing them on top of the plates and tying them with ribbon, twine, raffia or even fresh flowers. The best part is that they look classier and can be thrown in the wash to be reused at each event, and every dinner!

eco party fabric napkins

3. Tablecloths

Add a layer of sophistication and liven up the overall look of your party setting with fabric tablecloths. I recently bought the linen ones from Kmart which are a better alternative to plastic, but you could get creative by buying or sourcing upcycled fabrics to match your theme, just make sure to measure the length and width of the table beforehand.
Try using Iron-on tape on the edges for a no-sew, no fuss hem alternative- Easy peasy!

bluey inspired puppy party ideas

4. Party Decorations

Dressing up the cake table to showcase desserts is my favourite part of party planning–Along with eating said sweets!

Whether you choose to decorate your backdrop with hand-drawn characters on poster paper, colourful paper streamer walls, hand made paper fans, tassel garlands, fresh or dried flowers, or tissue paper pom poms, there are so many creative options instead of expensive and toxic helium balloons and balloon garlands. Don’t get me wrong, my kids LOVE balloons, and I admit to having used them in the past but was completely unaware of the dangers:
If you inhale helium from a balloon, it displaces the oxygen in your lungs, and for little lungs, this could mean suffocating in a matter of moments.
When released into the air tied to string, they break up in a way that leaves them looking like jellyfish resulting in unnecessary animal deaths.
Fabric buntings are my favourite, as they are reusable and double up as room décor.
Take a look at the ones we handmake at Partyora here

5.Serving Trays

Show off your style with a trendy grazing platter, set them up on trays and chopping boards across the kitchen bench instead of plastic plates. You could DIY by rolling up deli meats, cutting up cheese, fruit, adding in biscuits or chocolates–there are no rules– go HAM! The key here is to plan ahead, purchase local fresh produce the day before and leave yourself plenty of time to set up. Vary the spread in different heights to add interest, this makes it appear more full. If you prefer to outsource this, you could hire a company like the very clever Fresh & Fancy Grazing Co. to set it all up for you using their own boards (which are made of recycled kitchen benchtops!) They will pick them up once the party has ended, leaving you with more time to focus on getting everything picture perfect. Say cheeeeese!

dinosaur fossil game kids party

6.Party games

The Pass the parcel has always been a favourite game at parties! We are proud to make them in a variety of themes!
Thinking of sustainable ideas to fill the layers for them can seem tricky so we have come up with a few here:
small wooden toys,
colouring-in books,
and wooden stamps are all pop[ular choices

There are so many different options. Wrap it in layers from a newspaper, reused wrapping paper or fabric as a more mindful choice and if you like you could have at least one gift per party guest. View our range of Pass the parcel sets here

Rainbow pass the parcel set

7. Lolly Bags/ Goody bags

I have searched for environmentally friendly packaged sweets and believe me, they are rarer than a quick game of Monopoly! Even the packet from fads, those little boxes are not recyclable. Here you could purchase in bulk therefore reducing the amount of plastic waste. Or purchase these super cute sustainable kids party bags available on our site

Letting go of the idea of the lollies all together because they’ve probably had enough sugar to last them into next month! There are loads of sustainable alternatives to try such as making your own cupcakes for little partygoers to decorate or using clay to make dinosaur fossils. Lastly, you could make DIY scented playdough in glass jars as take-home gifts which all add that finishing touch to their magical day.

Partyora space theme party bags

The greatest gift of all to our children is teaching them the foundations of reducing our carbon footprint from now so they can practice good habits to help keep our earth safe for the future.

We hope you enjoyed reading our 7 Top tips and would love to know if you use any of these ideas for your next event. If you do, email us here or use #partyora to be featured on our Instagram feed.
For more eco-friendly party planning ideas, answer the questions and join the discussion in our Fb group here:
Stay tuned for our monthly blogs with our next one discussing our eco journey and the unlearning process.

Written by Juliana Multari.

Sydney based Mumboss on a mission to spread eco friendly cheer!