20 Lockdown Birthday Ideas for kids with Party Planner Juliana, from Partyora!
Looking for ways to celebrate your child sustainably when there are still restrictions in place? Simple, just make the whole day about them!

After all, making them feel loved, special and celebrated is what’s most important!
Take a look at these ideas to create a memorable birthday party for your kids at home:

1. Dress the part!

Get the birthday boy or girl to wear dress ups or a party hat (the whole family can dress up too!)

Think reusable party crowns, hats and headbands

Dress up capes & Princess wigs

Ribbon wands and star wands

View dress ups here https://partyora.com/product-category/eco-party-products/eco-party-supplies/party-accessories/

2. Handmake your own Birthday cards!

Get crafty and use what you have at home, magazine clippings, scrap paper, cereal box cardboard, material, felt whatever you like! Take some inspo here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/35465915804969427/

3. Decorate and make it feel like a party!

DIY or sustainable decorations are best for the planet and can be reused each year! Our favourites are cloth or felt buntings, Handmade cake toppers, Wooden Birthday signs and eco confetti but you could stick up a sheet as a backdrop, create a streamer wall, use tissue paper pom poms, honeycomb balls and create a Balloon free garland!
View our favs here https://partyora.com/product-category/eco-party-products/eco-party-supplies/party-accessories/

4. Cook their favourite meals.

There’s nothing like a bit of comfort food to make those closest to you feel really loved! Ask them what meals they’d like for Breakfast, Lunch and or Dinner. For something FUn and unique take a look at these gorgeous at home Donut kits by Hungry Homer Donuts here https://partyora.com/vendor/hungry-homer-donuts/

5. Bake a cake together!

Make them a Birthday cake from scratch, if you’re not the most confident baker, there are a heap of cake kits to help with this, check out these options!
Bake believe https://bakebelieve.com.au
Cake to the rescue https://www.cake2therescue.com.au

Or order from your favourite registered Kitchen with many offering local delivery such as Sugar Whipped Cakes located in southwest Sydney! View them here: https://partyora.com/directory/business-listing/cakes-desserts/sugar-whipped-cakes/

Check out Treats By Teagan with local delivery ACT and surrounds, view them here https://partyora.com/directory/business-listing/cakes-desserts/treats-by-tegan/

treats by t

6. Order a grazing/dessert box

Order and support some local small Aussie businesses! There are so many to choose from with different styles of grazing boxes for those who prefer savoury, to fruit platters and sweet tooth options too!

Mad Hatters PLatters

7. Play their favourite songs/games/movies!

Play their favourite songs/games/movies! Give the day a party atmosphere with their favourite music playing in the background. Play their favourite games or watch their favourite movies as a family!

8. Give them a YES day!

What’s a Yes day? Based on the movie “Yes Day” Children & Family Movies– This movie is about A mum and dad who usually say no but decide to say yes to their kids’ wildest requests!
So basically say “Yes” for the entire day, for one day only- (within reason, restrictions making this a whole lot easier to achieve!) More on Yes day here: https://www.netflix.com/au/title/81011712

9. Handmake some gifts

If it’s tricky getting out to shops, making some of your own gifts is a great idea. From baking cookies to sewing and crochet keepsakes, salt dough ornaments and paintings, there are loads of DIY gift options out there. Sustainable gift ideas are another great option, Books, clothing and wooden toys will last longer and are a great sustainable option! View some gift ideas here: https://partyora.com/product-category/gifting/

10. Spread out The gift giving

Keep the excitement going by giving gifts throughout the day so they don’t open them all at once! You can wrap your gifts sustainably with fabric wrap, tea towels, pillowcases, Reusable drawstring bags or reuse party gift bags!
You can view sustainable fabric wrap here: https://partyora.com/product-category/gifting/gift-wrapping/

You could even hide presents around the house for the birthday boy or girl to find! Almost like an egg-hunt, hide the gifts and make it more exciting! You could include a map with clues too!

11. Give an experience gift for when we’re out of lockdown!

Give an experience instead of a gift for when we’re out of lockdown! The best zero waste idea is giving an experience gift! I’ve shared an extensive list in my Fb group here: www.facebook.com/groups/ecofriendlypartyplanningideas
Movie tickets, Bowling, Paint Ball, Kids classes are all wonderful ideas, for more ideas visit https://www.thewildlings.com.au/

12. Get some activities together to keep the kids happy and entertained.

Print out some activities and games, colouring-in sheets, set up a craft station or painting outside.
Some of our favourite activities at home are these paint your own plasters by Pm Plaster craft! They come in every theme imaginable PLUS the paintbrushes and paints so all you have to do is order them! View them here: https://partyora.com/vendor/pm-plaster-craft/

13. Make your own Pinata with the kids

Make your own Pinata with the kids! For steps to make a Pinata from a cardboard box, click here: https://partyora.com/how-to-make-a-diy-pinata/

14. Drive past Birthday surprise

If restrictions allow, get family members and or friends to do a drive past or drive-by birthday surprise singing happy birthday or leaving gifts!

15. Virtual Party entertainment

Order a video message from their favourite character online, there are a few I’m sure the kids will love in this blog https://partyora.com/throw-an-isolation-birthday/

16. Ask family members to send video messages

If the kids are missing family and friends, simply ask family members to leave videos for the Birthday boy or girl to make their day extra special! They could even blow out the candles over a zoom call or video! For eco friendly candles, take a look at these Beeswax Birthday Candles here! https://partyora.com/shop/beeswax-birthday-candles-pack-of-10/

Beeswax Birthday candles

17. Make a photo collage

You could make up a photo collage for the Birthday child by simply sticking images to a piece of cardboard, using a wire photo frame or pegging them to a bunting!

18.Don’t forget to take photos!

Take lots of family photos to remember the occasion! If you prefer selfie-style, using filters or setting up a tripod with a timer, take as many photos to document the day and always remember the good times, even if it means celebrating on a much smaller scale! Eco confetti portraits are a great way to

19. Dance the night away

Have a disco party and dance into the night. Sometimes staying up past bedtime is ok, break routine and create some happy memories together!

20. Spend quality time and remember to be in the moment!

When you think back to some of your most favourite Birthday celebrations, you might find the most memorable parts were the simplest. Home cooked meals and baked cakes, the presence of family and feeling loved! There’s no need to feel pressured into creating the perfect Insta-worthy party if you don’t feel you have the headspace or time.